Research at the Brigham is made possible by the variety of resources available to investigators. Services are provided by specific groups and entities such as Research Computing Infrastructure Services and the Brigham Research Institute. Educational trainings, events and meetings also keep the research community up to date, informed and connected not only to their colleagues, but the whole institution. Additionally, we house core facilities that provide high quality, cutting-edge research services by in-house experts and provide consistent support for the growing research enterprise. From navigating regulatory requirements to providing grant writing courses, the Brigham has created a strong support system for all investigators and readily adapts to a constantly changing innovative environment with the best possible tools and services for further discovery. 

You can also join us at a number of events that are meant to help researchers learn about the resources available to them, ask questions and get other types of help and information from the offices and groups that support research. 

At Research Connection (RC) Virtual, each month offers a new presentation from a different guest group, but we also have standing attendees from many different areas of the hospital including: innovation, research website development, clinical research, leadership, etc. They’re available at each RC Virtual to answer any questions you might have or to tell you more about the work they do on their teams at the hospital.

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